Commission a Portrait

Select your favourite photo and have it transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork!  Visit the Gallery page to see examples of my work.  Portraits can also make a lovely and unique gift for someone special.  

How to Commission a Portrait

I have set out below a summary of the main stages involved in commissioning a portrait.  A full description of the process will be sent to you at the start of the process or can be viewed by clicking here.  Or alternatively get in touch and I am happy to talk you through the process and any concerns you may have.

1.  Select a photo that you would like me to recreate for you. Feel free to pull together a selection of several photos and I am happy to advise you on which I think would work best.  Try to choose as high a quality image as possible.

2.  Get in touch via the Order Form, Contact Me Page, or via Facebook to discuss your commission.  I will advise on what photo works best and agree a composition with you.  We can also talk about timescales if you need your portrait by a particular date.

3.  I will ask for a deposit to be paid which is roughly 30% of the final price and then I will begin your drawing.  You can make payment either via Paypal or bank transfer. 


4. Once I feel that the picture is complete enough for you to be able to see what the final picture will look like I will send you a photo.  At this stage you can ask for any tweaks to the picture and I will make any changes.

5.  Once complete an image of your final drawing will be sent by email.   At this time please make the final payment of the outstanding amount and the final portrait will then be sent securely by tracked post.

6.  If for any reason you are unhappy with your picture please contact me as soon as possible so that we can resolve this.

7.  You can order prints of your picture at any time.  

I am happy to answer any questions you may have so please do get in touch!